Student Voice

Student Voice

We think Wilberforce is an ideal place to make that important step out of school and prepare for higher education or work, but don't just take our word for it.

We asked students who were at or who are at Wilberforce now what they think about the college.

Here is what they said:

  • “I love Wilberforce, I feel it has set me up for my career in Fashion Design. I love the coffee, the cookies and fish & chip Fridays!”

    Holly Cooper, School: Andrew Marvell, Studying: Art Foundation Course
  • “There are no separate groups, working more like a team has helped me to improve my grades better than when I was at school.”

    Jamie Gibson, School: Longcroft, Studying: BTEC Level 3 Public Services
  • “The teachers are really nice and I love the BTEC course because I prefer to do coursework rather than cramming for exams.”

    Chloe Hamilton, School: Kingswood, Studying: BTEC Level 3 Law
  • “The college is really well organised, they’ve arranged a placement for me at an opticians as I’d like to go into medicine.”

    Benji Chandra, Originally from Birmingham, Studying: Maths, Biology, Chemistry, History
  • “Wilberforce is a very friendly college. I like the independence, but whenever you need help you always get it.”

    James Foster, School: David Lister, Studying: History, Geography, Business, Film
  • “There are lots of opportunities and there’s always something going on. The teachers are fun but know what they are talking about.”

    Liam Asplen, School: Winifred Holtby, Studying: Musical Theatre, Film, English Lit.
  • “Its a welcoming community. The teachers are great, always helping me to achieve. I want to study Veterinary Science at university.”

    Sarah Neill, School: Withernsea High, Studying: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Art
  • “Wilberforce has a really great sports setup. The timetables are great, and I have made loads of new friends.”

    Jack Lazenby, School: Malet Lambert, Studying: BTEC Level 3 Sport
  • “I enjoy the freedom. The teachers are really encouraging and I feel set up for my future. I am planning to study at the University of York.”

    Georgia Marshall, School: South Holderness, Studying: Psychology, Biology, English Lit.
  • “I used to be timid but Wilberforce brought me out of my shell and on the dance enrichment course I performed in front of 700 people.”

    David Beck, School: David Lister, Studying: BTEC Level 2 Sport
  • “I feel really motivated and supported at Wilberforce. I’ve enjoyed my work placement, and I’ve already got a job to go on to!”

    Emily Kelsey, School: Newland School for Girls, Studying: Level 3 Childcare