Bus Travel to College

Any of our college buses (W1, W2, W3, W4 W5) currently cost a maximum of 80p per single journey for Wilberforce College students.

For our Hull applicants, we are offering Stagecoach College Riders for only £8.50 a saving of £3.00 per week on current on-board megarider costs – a deal exclusively available to all Wilberforce College students to buy each week from Student Services. If a student uses their College Rider to get to and from College every day this offers great value journeys.

Bus Services

Return buses leave college at 4.20pm.

W1 - Holderness Express EYMS

  • Withernsea Waxholme Rd  7.30am
  • Withernsea Memorial Ave 7.35am
  • Hollym Cross Roads 7.42am
  • Patrington Memorial 7.48am
  • Ottringham White Horse 7.56am
  • Keyingham Ship Inn 8.00am
  • Burstwick Station Road 8.06am
  • Thorngumbald Royal Mail 8.09am
  • Thorngumbald Post Office 8.10am
  • Express Journey – no stops after Thorngumbald

Arrive college 8.33am 
Return pick up stand opposite college

W2 - Hornsea via Leven EYMS

  • Hornsea EYMS Depot 7.40am
  • Hornsea (The Willows) 7.46am
  • Seaton 7.53am 
  • Sigglesthorne (Lane End) 7.55am
  • Catwick Smithy 7.58am
  • Leven (opp The New Inn) 8.01am
  • White Cross 8.03am
  • Long Riston Smithy 8.06am 
  • Skirlaugh (Duke of York) 8.10am 
  • New Ellerby (Railway Inn) 8.13am
  • Sproatley Memorial 8.20am
  • Wyton Bar 8.24am
  • Continues through Bilton, pick up points along Main Road Bilton
  • Swiss Cottage Public House 8.28am

Arrive college 8.33am
Return pick up stand opposite college

W3 - Beverley via Kingswood STAGECOACH 

  • Beverley (Sow Hill) 7.35am
  • Beverley Norwood 7.36am
  • Beverley Hull Bridge Road 7.37am
  • Beverley Swinemoor Lane 7.39am
  • Beverley Hull Road 7.42am
  • Beverley Tokenspire 7.43am
  • Woodmansey Beverley Road 7.45am
  • Woodmansey Hull Road 7.46am
Dunswell Beverley Road  7.48am
  • Kingswood Asda, 7.55am
  • Kingswood Bushey Park 7.56am
  • Kingswood Rivelin Park 7.57am
  • Kingswood Markeaton Park 7.57am
  • Kingswood Abbey Lane 7.58am
  • Kingswood Health Centre 8.00am
  • Kingswood Salcey Close 8.02am
  • Kingswood Brecon Drive 8.03am
  • Kingswood Brandon Way 8.04am
  • Kingswood Quarrington Grove 8.05am
  • Foredyke Bridge 8.06am
  • Wawne Road 8.09am
  • Robson Way 8.16am
  • Saltshouse Road 8.23am

Arrive college 8.25am
Return pick up stand college side

W4 – Burton Pidsea via Preston and Hedon STAGECOACH

  •  Burton Pidsea Church Street  7.55am
  •  Lelley 8.02am
  •  Preston Main Street 8.10am
  •  Preston Station Road 8.11am
  •  Hedon Station Lane 8.13am
  •  Hedon Baxtergate 8.14am
  •  Hedon Crossroads 8.15am
  •  Hedon Hull Road 8.16am
  •  Saltend/Hedon Road 8.17am
  •  Marfleet Lane 8.20am
  •  Wansford Grove/Preston Road 8.21am
  •  Greatfield Estate/Annandale Road 8.22am
  •  The Grange Public House 8.25am
  •  Bilton Grange St Bede’s Church 8.26am
  •  Bilton Grange Griffin Primary School 8.27am
  •  Diadem Roundabout 8.28am

Arrive college 8.30am
Return pick up stand opposite college

W5 – Boothferry Estate via Cottingham Road STAGECOACH

  •  Boothferry Estate Gower Road 7.30am
  •  Askew Avenue, River Grove 7.37am
  •  County Road North 7.45am
  •  Fairfax Avenue 7.55am
  •  Cottingham Road 8.00am
  •  James Reckitt Avenue (Garden Village Punch Bowl) 8.17am
  •  Lambwath Road 8.25am
  •  Ings Road Savoy Road 8.30am

Arrive college 8.35am
Return pick up stand college side

Bus times are provided by the respective bus companies which are subject to change. Bus times are approximate so please be at bus stop early. Wilberforce Sixth Form College accepts no responsibility for any change to the service or reliability of the service.

What do you want?

We review our routes every year to ensure they serve all the areas our students travel in from. If you are considering attending Wilberforce College next year, but are not sure if there will be a bus which suits you, please contact us to discuss on 01482 711688 or email

Other local buses

A number of Stagecoach buses stop directly outside Wilberforce, including the 13 and 13W. For more details, see the Hull Bus Guide or the local bus service websites for Stagecoach and EYMS.


If you drive a car or motorbike there is student parking in front of the College. You will just need to get a free parking permit by applying at Student Services.


Many of our students cycle to college, so we have a large secure cycle compound with a thumb print scanner. Once you have your student ID card at the beginning of term you just need to register for free at Student Services.