Developing English & Maths

Developing English & Maths

How Wilberforce College is supporting your son / daughter in developing their English and Maths skills…

As a college we employ a range of different strategies to help students enhance their English and Maths skills:

  1. When students first enrol at college they complete an on-line initial Literacy and Numeracy assessment. Because these skills are now held in such high regard by employers and further education providers, initial assessment scores are used by the college to help students make further progress as all students aim for a Level 2 qualification in both English and Maths.
  2. In lessons, class teachers work to enhance English and Maths skills within every subject area through assessment feedback, engaging activities and other support materials.
  3. Every student within the college has a personalised ‘English’ and ‘Maths’ target. These are reviewed with students and updated each term (and available on your son / daughter’s area of Columbus) for all subject areas. Students will then be supported in the development of these particular skills.
  4. The college offers additional English and Maths sessions for students as part of the Study Support programme. If your son / daughter would like to access these they can refer themselves by visiting the ‘Study Support Centre’ or they can discuss this with their progress mentor.
  5. All students have access to the ‘BKSB’ software (using their individual log on details) which offers a range of interactive activities designed to help develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Students can access this on all of the college computers.
  6. Literacy and Numeracy areas on Moodle (which all students have access to) offer a range of different activities and support sheets for students, to help them work independently to develop these key skills.


If you would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact the following staff at the college.

Hayley Turner - Cross College English Coordinator

Linda Hardisty - Cross College Maths Coordinator